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A collection of my favorite beauty products that I use daily and always recommend in my tutorial videos. All the products are developed cruelty-free in Canada with high-quality ingredients. The packaging is designed by Lauren Lee with photographs by Reinaldo Kevin!

  • 1x Lipstick (0.11 US oz / 3g)

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Are these products limited edition?

Yes! I will only be accepting orders for these products until late-November. Be sure to order your makeup kit as soon as possible to have it arrive before I start posting my next series of tutorials that will use these cosmetics.

How much is the shipping for the kit?

Shipping is free for all US orders and is tax-inclusive. You only have to pay $40 to get this entire kit for yourself. International orders may have to pay $3-6 for shipping. A tracking number is included for each package so you can always see the delivery status of your order

Which of the cosmetics are vegan?

All of the products are crudely-free and paraben-free. The eyeshadow, blush, and liquid lipstick is fully vegan. You will absolutely love the quality of these products when you try them for yourself.


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